Project Date
Recruitment of beneficiaries for the project 20 – 30 June 2016
Project Activities (indicated above) 4 Jul – 11 Aug 2016
Invite organizations / company representatives / government officials to event

Donations requested from companies / organizations / Engage media to attend the event

12 Jul – 9 Aug 2016
Graduation / Exhibition 18 Aug 2016

The objective of the graduation is the following:
● To create the platform for woman to get ICT education and awareness;
● To build a sustainable database of women in ICT; and
● Continuous development of women in ICT
● Develop entrepreneurial mindset for women within ICT


Please see below newspaper article:


The shop, PUMA (opposite the I-CAN Centre) sponsored chips and drinks for the event.


Donations for the Graduation

Budget for the event

Description (Items) Cost
Catering includes refreshments and food R 2750.00
Decor Backdrop R 550.00
Audio Visual and Sound R 700.00
TOTAL R 4000.00



The success and strategy of the project will expand opportunities for women into other communities within the Western Cape. As the month of August highlights the upliftment and importance of women in our society, we need to celebrate this event as a community. Just as women played a pivotal and supportive role within the industrial revolution, insomuch they will greatly contribute towards the digital revolution. Women participation in the economy has always been essential to increase the wealth of societies and improve productivity. To reach the goal of digital inclusion and women empowerment, the I-CAN Center has embarked on a vision to empower women in ICT & entrepreneurship continuously.



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